What We Do 目標

Open new doors,
open new opportunities.


WE CONNECT PEOPLE from abroad to companies looking for talent!

WE HELP COMMUNICATE as a fluent English-Japanese bilingual organization. Don’t let language barriers prevent you from moving forward!

WE KEEP SEEKING for opportunities such as short-term jobs and internships, to help both Japanese companies and visitors from abroad discover what they truly want to accomplish.

OUR MAIN FOCUS of job opportunities have been bilingual event MCs, mass communications (TV, CM, radio), modeling (fashion or product), photography, performance (voice acting), translating, and English teaching, but our stars have many more talents than that! Please see the list for more.


Our world*stars list is made for foreigners starting out in Japan mainly as students, or on working holiday, or short-term visitor. We do our best to connect them to people and companies related to their future dream-job. Not every foreigner wants to be an English teacher. Some people come with extremely great talents, and we want to help them use it here in Hokkaido!

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If you would like to be part of this “Available for One-Shot Jobs List”, please e-mail us at
SapporoWorldStars @ gmail.com

From the Executive Director

Since I was a teenager in Canada I fell in love with the language and culture of Japan through music and television. It’s a dream come true to work in the media of Hokkaido from 2010 to present. I wanted to make it easier for others like me to get a chance to enjoy their hobbies and professions besides English teaching in Japan! YOLO! Let’s make the best of each day.

“I meet dozens of new foreign friends each year that are extremely talented. I want to help them shine in Hokkaido; that is our goal at world*stars!”

Executive Director – Isis アイシス


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